28 July, 2010

The Photoshoot

Some of you know that I won a free photoshoot in a contest a few months back. The Photographer, Kellie, of That's So You Photography, and I agreed that, since I was pregnant, we should wait until I was closer to term and make it a maternity shoot.

This was quite amazing, since I had been secretly wanting a maternity shoot, but didn't think I could bring myself to pay for pictures of a baby that wasn't even born yet! I had planned on hiring her down the road to take pictures of my little man, but I'm SO glad I got to have these done!

We met at Heritage Park in Cerritos on a Saturday morning. Kellie was great. I was the one who stepped in dog doo, leaned on ant trails, and laid in bird pee. What can I say? Nature loves me!

Anyway, enough about that, here are the pictures!!!

I think this one is my favorite...but I'm having a very hard time deciding!

Ack! See? I like this one too!

In case you didn't know by now, I don't like wearing shoes...

As you can see, Kellie is a very talented photographer (not to mention a great person and friend!). I am often amazed at how good she is at photographing children, and I am excited to have her help documenting the little personalities that join our family.

Only one more month till I get to meet my baby boy!

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Sir Lee and Princess Becky said...

looks like a lot of fun! You look fantastic as always! Love you :)

Kellie said...

Is it weird that I'm tearing up over here? 'Cause I am. I love these pictures and there is NOTHING like the excitement and anticipation of the first baby. Congratulations!

Kellie said...

PS- LOOOOOOOOOVE (times 1 million) the header!!!

Mary P said...

Thanks Becky! It was fun, and that park was GORGEOUS!

Kellie: Aww! About the header: I love the extra pictures, a lot of them are good as sequences like that. I had a lot of fun figuring out the collage setting on Picasa this morning!

Cait said...

Cute! I love the one of the hands on the belly (the first one) and the one where you're lying in the grass looking up at the sky.

Rebekah said...

Exquisite! I, like Kellie, got emotional. When we were getting your shower put together that Saturday, I kept crying. I agree there's nothing, NOTHING in the world like getting ready to meet your first child. =) <3

Chiemi said...

Those pictures turned out AMAZING! That's not shock though since the subjects are cute and the photographer is amazing. :)

Mary P said...

Ha ha, thanks Chiemi!

Beka: I totally started tearing up during the birth video at my labor class, don't ask me why....

Cait: Thanks! The hands one is my desktop background right now :)

Grooving Gartners said...

i love to see picture of kids, so make sure to post pictures once in a while. they make some the cutiest faces. You already know that you are beautiful and take a good picture

Wendster said...

YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK. I realize that this post was from July ... and now its September.

So I am ready for baby pictures!!!!

I am hoping that you had a beautiful happy healthy little boy and that your delivery was uneventful!

Love love love love love!!!!!!!!!


Wendster said...

Update! Update! Update! Update!

.... update please.

Longing LONGING for new photos and stories.

And I agree with the above comments. You are a beautiful woman ... inside and out ... you could so totally be on one of those vintage coca cola posters.

But you already knew that.

Looooooooove, Wendy