18 August, 2008

Confessions of a Bruised Mind

I slept in today.

What is it about a bed that makes one feel safe?

Sleep is safe, but

Closed eyes? Alone in a bed?

What's so safe about that?

And yet

I prolong it.

The alarm keeps going

And I

Keep hitting snooze.

Finally, a different phone sound

Curiosity, my saving virtue

Who has texted me?

So I am distracted and, before I know it

Officially awake.

Check something off my list.

Pills, fiber, those are easy,

No thought required.

And then I head back to bed.

Because there is another thing that happens near that location

But I'm trying not to think about it.

See, the thing is,

It's really hard to pretend when you pray.


If I let my guard down

I'll start crying.

I'd probably feel better

But I'd also be caught

Once again

In the never-ending cycle

It's easier to get distracted

To get caught up in the magic of words

And turn fear into poetry

Cause a poem can't hurt


My eyes are full