19 February, 2010

In the meantime: Riddles!

While you wait for me to stop procrastinating write your poems, here are some riddles to keep you busy! If you are the first to solve, there may even be a prize!



Vanguard of my family, Crowded by my enemy

Known for equanimity, Home to anemone


Chosen to complete my task

Trained in service while at home

To serve my liege is all I ask

Soon I’ll be allowed to roam

And join my sisters in their quest

Learn to dance the aged routine

Seek and find gold without rest

And offer treasure to my Queen.

Note: Using google is cheating, but collaborating with a friend is teamwork!

12 February, 2010

Poetry on Demand

I'm trying to be more creative, and so I'm asking for your help with an experiment.

Do you think I could write poetry on demand? Let's find out.

Please comment and I will do my best to write about you (or another person/subject of your choice).

If I don't know you, leave your blog address so I can do a little spying.

I think poetry (of all kinds) is eminently appropriate for the Valentine's season, don't you?

WARNING: These poems will most likely be abstract, confusing drabbles. I can't help how my mind works!