24 September, 2007

Choosing the Right

Sometimes it's a comfort
to know you were right
all along
but sometimes
it'd be nice
if you were right right now
cause that would mean
you were
wrong last time

It isn't fun to doubt yourself
but sometimes it gives you hope
in things that cannot be
that you've already decided against
because it makes sense
to be against
that which makes sense

And logic votes both for and against
but instinct and God are conspiring
against loneliness
to keep you safe
from yourself
by yourself

and you yourself know
what you will do
because you make the same choice
every time
but you have to arrive
from a new place
with new tools
in a new mind
remembering right

18 September, 2007

Hannah wears a hat

Today I met Hannah, and now I cannot stop thinking about her. At first, I just looked and looked. I had heard of her, but was in no way prepared for the impression she made on me. I came home determined to learn more about her. Surely, all I had to do was google her name?

Hannah wears a hat

Hannah doesn't run, she rides

Hannah has her own space and everyone has to respect it

Hannah is petite

Hannah is always late

According to google, Hannah Wang is a model


Hannah wears a hat
because she has no hair

Hannah doesn't run, she rides
because her bones are brittle from osteoporosis

Hannah has her own space and everyone has to respect it
so they don't hurt her

Hannah is petite
because her body cannot grow the way it should

Hannah is always late
because a full day of school would be too taxing

Hannah Wang is a fourth grader, but google has never heard of her

Hannah Wang has progeria