12 February, 2010

Poetry on Demand

I'm trying to be more creative, and so I'm asking for your help with an experiment.

Do you think I could write poetry on demand? Let's find out.

Please comment and I will do my best to write about you (or another person/subject of your choice).

If I don't know you, leave your blog address so I can do a little spying.

I think poetry (of all kinds) is eminently appropriate for the Valentine's season, don't you?

WARNING: These poems will most likely be abstract, confusing drabbles. I can't help how my mind works!


Rebekah said...

All things concering chocolate, spring rain, new furniture, dirty dishes, babies, and snowmobiling. =D

Tomjay said...
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Rebeccah said...

um I want to know what you would write about me :D I love abstract confusing drabbles, so bring it on... you can write about what ever you want

電信 said...
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TyroErudition said...

Wow, I didn't realize you'd written another blog. Maybe a poem about not blogging? (Since I haven't blogged for months and months; I have nothing to say but everything.)

April and Jason said...

I love your writing. You are pretty amazing. I know you dont know me well, but I would be interested to see what you could come up with from my blog if you are still interested in trying to write on demand. I love abstract :-p