21 August, 2009

Usually, I let these sort of thoughts pass me by

As a child I didn't think I was very pretty, not ugly either, just not pretty. Either way, it didn't really concern me. As I got older, I was told my coloring was very unique, or that my big, blue eyes were beautiful, and that comforted me. I decided I was unusual. Not pretty in the classic sense, but pretty in a different sense, which, in a way, was almost better. I certainly thought my eyes were prettier than all others I'd seen.

Then I met her.

I have this friend. She kind of looks like me. Sometimes people wonder if we're related.

We're both tall and slender, but she's taller, with thinner legs.

We both have fair skin, but hers is acne, scar, and even freckle free.

We have the same dark hair, hers more expertly coiffed.

Our eyes are the same color, but hers are larger, her lashes longer and thicker.

Her lips are more full, her eyebrows more symmetrical.

While my face is round, hers is longer and thinner, and her cheekbones! Did you know I have a thing about cheekbones? Hers are positively regal, elven even.

We even have the same name.

And yet.

I could never envision a trade. There was no trait so seductive I'd give up a part of myself for it. There has never been anything about her situation that I'd trade for my own.

Until now.

Congratulations my friend.


Rebekah said...

I was there, too. I remember how it felt. =P Patience is sometimes overrated.

But it was good to see you this morning and tonight. Loved singing with you just for fun.

Rich Sanders said...

So what's this mysterious trait?

Quixotic Healer said...

She had a baby, ha ha.

Chiemi said...

lol, I was so befuddled until I read your comment. Congrats to your friend!

Rebeccah said...

I love you Mary