22 December, 2008

Sometimes, Maybe, Yes

In case you haven't noticed, my husband looks a bit like Edward Norton. Since this is the case, we couldn't resist dressing up as Marla Singer and The Narrator from Fight Club for Halloween last year:

"I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."

But this similarity has caused some hilarity at church.

It started one Sunday after Chris and I had given talks in Sacrament Meeting. Chris had rambled a bit during his talk and somehow ended up talking about how he has a bit of a temper in the car and gets frustrated the with drivers around him.

Well, one of our Bishop's sons (aged 7) came up to Chris and asked him in a semi-amazed voice, "You get angry?"

"Sometimes," my husband replied.

We thought it was cute, but dismissed it from our minds....until Halloween.

On Halloween, we were helping with the Ward party, and the kids were running around costumed and candied up. The same boy stopped near my husband, turned to him and asked, "Are you the Incredible Hulk?"

Chris, being the kind of guy he is, looked at the boy and said, "Maybe."

He ran off, presumably to tell his brothers, and Chris found me to tell me what he'd said. We had a good laugh, and then I went back to painting faces.

Later that night, the boy's older (and more skeptical) brother, came up to him again to ask, "Did you play the Hulk?"

To which Chris promptly replied, "Yes."

It was only after, on the way home, that we made the connection to his question a few weeks before, no wonder he was worried about Chris getting angry!

Finally, last night, we went to drop off some Christmas cookies to their family and, while I took care of the "Merry Christmas," "How are you," and other pleasantries, Chris was getting an esteem boost.

Upon seeing Chris, the seven year old ran to the TV and came back with The Hulk. Peering out from behind his parents, he waved the movie at my husband (I missed this). Next he grabbed his Hulk toy to show Chris (I had no clue). Finally, clutching both, he ran out of sight, squealing to his brothers, "The Incredible Hulk is here!" (Still, I was oblivious).

As we walked to the car, Chris filled me in on the hilarity, and I barely managed to contain myself.

I love kids! I don't know how I feel about my husband lying to them, but seriously....in this case....wouldn't you?

Maybe we should make dressing up like characters from Ed Norton movies a Halloween tradition?



TyroErudition said...

So that's why Chris looked so familiar...Of course, I would have said he looks like the Illusionist. :)

Quixotic Healer said...

I still need to see that movie!!! Chris says it's really good.

I can't exactly recommend Fight Club, because we have the clean flicks version....it's an incredibly well written movie, but... ..well.. ..yeah.

Chiemi said...

Bwahahahaha!!! That is soooo hilarious!

TyroErudition said...

The Illusionist is amazing! It's one of my favorite movies. You will really like it.

Rich Sanders said...

Holy crap that's awesome! All you need is Tyler Durden. I'd take the role, as long a sa wig and some trippy clothes are provided.

Quixotic Healer said...

That was a fun night. I pretended to smoke and be tipsy the whole time, it was pretty awesome.

I don't know about the wig, but my friend bought her brothers and cousin the bathrobe he wears, lol. You know, with the coffee mugs?

Personally, I think the red leather jacket was cooler.