11 December, 2008

Silly Things I do for no Good Reason

Okay, I am weird (ask anyone), but there is often method to my madness, so I've decided to share a few, heck if I think of more, this could be a regular occurrence on ye olde blog.

Silly Things I do for no Good Reason (other than that I am a dork).

1) You may have noticed (see previous post) that I generally put one too many periods in my ellipses.
.... instead of ...

I started doing that in COLLEGE.

Make a guess, and then click. (You can catch it there twice....)

2) You may have noticed the way I eat (this is two-fold)
a. I eat with my fork in the left hand, tines down
Because my mom said it was the British way (Yay, my celebrated half-of-me!). (Later, I discovered it is considered Continental. That's good enough for me!)

b. I eat my salad first, and then put a little bit of everything else on my fork and chew it together.
Why? Good question.
I'm not sure why or when I started doing this (I had one friend who thought is was so gross, she was of the anti food-groups-touching-each-other camp). I think it must have stemmed from a dislike of the taste of vegetables. I began using favorite foods to flavor less desirable ones. Now, it's the only way I eat. I'd be sacrilege in France (le sigh).
My Aunt likes it, because she says it reminds her of an *Emma Thompson character who was always creating "the perfect bite." That's what I do! What a perfect way to put it. That's why my plate always ends up looking like a post-hurricane wreckage, because all the leftover pieces don't have corresponding flavors!

Okay, so I'm weird. We all knew this but now?

We have proof.

*Let me know if you know the title of that movie....

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Rich Sanders said...

"le sigh" (LOL!)

This is a great idea for a re-occuring segment!