20 March, 2009

New Year's Resolution--Even Though it's March

WARNING: This will probably be the most boring post I've ever written.


Never mind, this is a lame idea for a post. I was gonna write about my decision to chew my food more, and it's probable effect on my health, but do you really wanna hear about that?

I didn't think so.

So comment and tell me what you'd rather read:

- A fairy-tale I wrote in College (Completed, needs editing)

- Another story I made up as a child (though very different from the "Cat One") (Outlined, needs writing)

- A commentary (inspired by This Site) on the romantic archetypes of fictional heros and heroines, and whether authors writing romance are observing true human nature, copying other authors who do, or if their audience is merely subconsciously acting out the stereotypes they read/watch. (Just a stew of thoughts at the moment)

- A mash of thoughts on BYU, Multiculturalism, and Politics. (Half written, but no outline)

- My guesses on the application of the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator to NBC's The Office. (Half done, but needs an entire re-write)


Jenny said...

Ooooh Ooooh, Mash of thoughts on BYU please!

Grooving Gartners said...

I think you should write a fairy tale. I bet that would be a good read and fun.

Nicole said...

Myers-Briggs, s'il vous plait!

A Paperback Writer said...

After your last comment on my blog, I'd like to reaad your thoughts on heroines.

Kellie said...

Hmmm... the story you made up as a child.

Quixotic Healer said...

Lol, the first topic to get a second vote will be the one I guess.

Seriously, did you guys plan this?

ha ha ha

Rich Sanders said...

I vote for the thoughts about heroines, but I also vote for the Myers-Briggs Office post.

Quixotic Healer said...

Rich, you probably shouldn't get to vote twice, but I'll make those my top priority (now that my life is settling down again and I also happen to be on spring break)