19 February, 2009


People I Know who are Pregnant:

My Visiting Teacher
My Cousin Victoria
My Cousin Ellen
My Other Mary
Her Sister-in-Law
My Best Friend
Her Cousin
A Friend that I don't know if I'm allow to tell people about yet....
A Friend from High School that I haven't Seen for a While
A Girl My Husband Used to Like
(Some I forgot/didn't know about) Tonya, Chiemi, Kim....I'll think of more later, I'm sure. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.

People I Know who Desperately Want to Have a Baby, but Can't, so are Trying to Adopt:

My Friend from College and his Wife

People I Know who are Silly, Impatient, and Getting Ahead of Themselves:


*Please take a moment to review my friend's adoption profile, maybe even post it on your blog. The sooner the word is out, the sooner their dreams will come true.


Chiemi said...

Wow you know a lot of pregnant gals! I know a few myself, but not nearly that many!

Grooving Gartners said...

i like your post. it kind of seems random, but it is fun anyway. I don't think that I have ever known that many pregnant people at one time. Your day will come :D

Quixotic Healer said...

And I keep hearing about more, lol! I'm fine, now, but I was getting a teensy bit envious (NOT jealous) a couple weeks ago.

Jenny said...

me too

Chiemi said...

Hey, you can add me to the list now. :)

Quixotic Healer said...

My friends were (finally!) able to adopt! They have a baby girl now :D