01 April, 2010

"Wee Manny," or "Posy"?

When we were little, I was my Grannie's "Posy" and all the boy cousins were "Wee Mannies" (except for my eldest brother who, as the eldest, had the distinction of being her "Wee Man").

My mother used to tell people that she had one princess and four frogs.

Now it's my turn. Whatever will we have? :)

You can VOTE over there ------>


April and Jason said...

Mary....how exciting! I am soooo happy for you and Chris! Please give him my congrats! You two deserve a sweet little baby...it is such a fun journey!

Rebekah said...

Booooo. I'm the only person who voted boy. =P Why is everyone so predjudice against boys??? There's be no babies without 'em! ;)

The Other Mary said...

Thanks April, I'll tell Chris.

Beka, I'm excited for a boy because I have all sorts of plans for a nursery! If it's a girl, I'll be starting from scratch! :\

Kellie said...

I voted girl. I just had Brett guess and he says boy. :) We'll see who's right!