21 January, 2009

Great Characters Portrayed by the Perfect Actors

I used to call it a crush, but that was before I'd actually had one of those. I guess it's a movie-star crush, cause I only get it with guys.

It's the power of a great actor portraying a great character.

The first one was funny and sweet Bill Pullman in While You Were Sleeping:

I thought he was my favorite actor, but his only other movie I really like is Spaceballs.

Next came Matthew Broderick in Ladyhawke (Despite the score, huhu) . Skip to time 5:40:

When I finally saw Farris Beuller's Day Off, my crush was killed. (Maybe it was just the accent)

Then along came Jeremy Northam in Emma. This time I thought I was in love with the character....but then I read the book. That's when I realized....it has to be both!

Jeremy Northam is the master of "The Secret Look." If you want some poor girl to fall in love with you, give her that look in front of her friend so she'll hear about it later. She can't think you're doing it on purpose.

Northam uses it to great advantage in The Winslow Boy (skip to 2:25):

Unfortunately, I could only find this clip. He does it even better later on in the film (Which actually has very little romance, so it's great that what they do include is so well done.)

The next closest would have to be Edward Norton in Fight Club (but that might just be because he looks like my husband):

What is it about social diviance that is so attractive!

Finally, my new favorite: The creatively clever out-of-work spy Michael Weston from TV's Burn Notice (Actor Jeffery Donovan). He's got this great dry sarcasm....he's taught us fans so much (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGU8CkOG9a8), and best of all, he knows how to Suit Up! This is the only clip I could find:

I've never enjoyed violence so much!

New episodes start THURSDAY!!!!


A Paperback Writer said...

Hi there.
I came over because you show up on my blog fan club now. I'm not quite sure if I know you or not, since I think you got to my blog from Rich Sanders' blog, and I know him.
Oh well. Nice to have you around.
Personally, my favorite characters to be in love with in movies are Robin Hood played by Errol Flynn, Capt. Blood by Flynn, Capt. Jack Sparrow by Johnny Depp (although I'm not too fond of most of his other characters),a nd Aragon played by Viggo Mortenson.
I've also blogged about falling in love with characters in books, which is even weirder.

Quixotic Healer said...

Yeah, Rich recommended you, so I mosied on over.

I usually don't fall in love with book characters....as much as channel the character that's in love with them....

Is that the same thing?